Road Conditions

We do a lot of work on our road network. Some roads will need to be closed or limited for these improvements. See road conditions below.

Within the North Burnett Regional Council area, Council maintains 829km of sealed and 3,318km of unsealed roads. In addition to this, Council maintains the State controlled road network consisting of 671km of sealed and 56km of unsealed roads under a contract with the Department of Transport and Main Roads.
The major operations in maintaining these roads include bitumen patching, pavement repair, gravel re-sheeting, grading and slashing. Council is also responsible for roadside facilities including street lighting, signs and line marking, footpaths, kerbing and stormwater drains.
Residents and motorists can assist in maintaining this vast network by advising Council of any road hazard that requires action by the Council.

Work on any part of the road reserve cannot be undertaken without the prior approval of Council. Permission is required for grazing of animals, discharging of stormwater and depositing or display of goods, mobile vending and stalls. Permits are required for structures such as grids or gates, fences or underline pipelines within road reserves. Application must be made to Council prior to undertaking any of these activities. Some applications require a fee to be lodged.

Wet Weather Road Conditions

Click here to see what roads are currently affected by wet weather.

Current Road Works

Click here to see what roads are currently being upgrades and maintained.

Future Road Works

Click here to see what plans we have for road maintenance in the future.

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