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Rachel Chambers

Rachel Chambers


Councillor Rachel Chambers brings a positive and enthusiastic  approach to the North Burnett. Rachel is well skilled in business and education and passionate about people.

Committed to leading a proactive council she is excited about the opportunity to encourage the people of the region and the region itself to reach their full potential.

Rachel welcomes any suggestions, advice, complaints and ideas from the public as she is your voice and works for you.


The Mayor’s Blog

Community: Do We Understand It?

Question one of the Ten Hardest Questions in Local Government, according to the LGAQ. I’m going to challenge myself by addressing the ten hardest questions in Local Government (according to the LGAQ – Local Government Association QLD), one by one. But I also want to...

Legislation passed for container refund scheme

Mayor's Desk - 22 February 2018 When I was a child growing up in the suburbs of Brisbane, I yearned for the day Queensland joined South Australia with their container refund scheme. Finishing a bottle of soft drink and having that 10c return label (only valid in South...

The joy of soaking rain

Mayor's Desk - 8 February 2018 Amid the joy which the welcome relief of the soaking rain brought to us all last week, you will find Councillors and roads staff silently holding their breath, waiting to see what damage may be done this time. Fortunately, this rain was...

Councillors currently in budget discussions

In 2014 the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) studied people’s perceptions and knowledge and found the view of local government being confined to roads, rates and rubbish was long gone. They found that media coverage of local councils often...

Wishing you a safe and relaxed Christmas season

Mayor's Desk - 14 December 2017 I love this time of year. Not just because of the shiny decorations which indulge my addiction for all things “bling”, not just because it means holiday time for many but because it’s the only time of year we collectively and...

Your Council wants more for the North Burnett

Mayor’s Desk – 30 November 2017 As someone who has never been particularly interested in politics until the last 4/5 years (much to my mother’s disgust and perhaps to some of your surprise) I have spent many an election night wishing a good movie was on instead of the...

A bright future for the North Burnett

Mayor’s Desk –16 November 2017 Well, it’s been swift hasn’t it? This is my last Mayors desk before the election result and I suppose we can be thankful that it’s almost over. I don’t mean to sound harsh towards the whole election thing, it’s an integral part of our...

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