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Rachel Chambers

Rachel Chambers


Councillor Rachel Chambers brings a positive and enthusiastic  approach to the North Burnett. Rachel is well skilled in business and education and passionate about people.

Committed to leading a proactive council she is excited about the opportunity to encourage the people of the region and the region itself to reach their full potential.

Rachel welcomes any suggestions, advice, complaints and ideas from the public as she is your voice and works for you.

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Merry Christmas from the Mayor

I love this time of year. Not just because of the shiny decorations which indulge my addiction for all things "bling", not just because it means holiday time for many but because it's the only time of year we collectively and deliberately  stop and let our loved ones...

Myth Busted!


The new bus stops around the district are a waste of precious rate payer money.


A connected region is a thriving region. I seem to bang on about telecommunications a lot. Sometimes I wonder if people think it's just because I'm young (41 is still young people!) and up with technology that I'm doing it as some kind of personal mission. I admit, my...

Our New Website

Something looks a bit different... We blew up our website! Well not literally, but in every other sense of the word, we have flicked the switch to make our old site disappear. On our eternal quest for improvements in productivity we have found the need to...

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