Wide Bay Burnett Primary Industries lead the State

Jun 11, 2018 | Front Page Feature, News


An analysis of the latest ABS data for water use and productivity confirms the Wide Bay Burnett region is leading the state in a range of primary industry sectors.

The analysis was conducted by the Wide Bay Burnett Regional Organisation of Councils (WBBROC).  It shows that the Wide Bay Burnett region leads the State in the production of peanuts, pineapples, dairy, irrigated beef production and plantation forestry.

This included the largest share of the state’s irrigated tree-crop industry including high-value crops such as mandarins, macadamias and avocados.

The Wide Bay Burnett region is ranked second in the State for agricultural diversity.  Across the board, the region is placed 4th or higher in all but two irrigated agriculture categories.

In total, primary industries accounted for around 22% of the region’s economy with the region’s irrigated agriculture sector leading the state with $775 million in gross productivity.

Other ABS reports have shown that over 1 in 5 of Queensland’s agricultural workers are employed in the WBB region which also supports the largest number of irrigation enterprises in the state.

North Burnett Regional Council Mayor Cr Rachel Chambers said, “The State electorate of Callide, of which the North Burnett makes up a large part of, is the highest employer of agricultural workers in the State. As a region, the North Burnett, contributes majorly to these quoted agricultural figures. My role, as a mayor on WBBROC, is to make sure the State and Federal governments see the true value of agriculture and in doing so, adequately invests in its future. Agriculture, as an industry, needs to reclaim its rightful place as a highly regarded industry which contributes greatly to the economy of Queensland. It is data such as this which helps put it all into perspective.”

Together with the availability of affordable and highly-productive land, surplus water resources and the largest work-force outside SEQ, the region has seen recent investment from domestic and overseas investors including Bega Cheese, Swickers and Nolan’s Meats in the value-added food processing sector.

At a recent meeting with State government Ministers at Parliament House, WBBROC Mayors continued to advocate for strategic developments in the region that support and build on these opportunities including roads, water security and other initiatives.

For more information contact: Cr Mick Curran Mayor Gympie Regional Council & WBBROC Chair Ph: 0417 959 331

 Complete list (from ABS data):

FIRST in Queensland for ($) share of;

  • irrigated area (21% of Qld)
  • number of irrigation businesses (20% of Qld)
  • gross value of irrigated agricultural production (21% of Qld)
  • area of irrigated tree-crops (34% of Qld)
  • citrus production (40% of Qld)
  • mandarin production (99% of Qld)
  • peanut production (56% of Qld)
  • macadamia production (75% of Qld)
  • avocado production (47% of Qld)
  • plantation forestry area (55% of Qld)
  • irrigated dairy production (39% of Qld)
  • irrigated beef production (29% of Qld) ,
  • pineapple production (25% of Qld)

SECOND in Queensland for ($) largest share of;

  • hay production (15% of Qld)
  • fruit & nuts production (30% of Qld)
  • grapes production (17% of Qld)
  • vegies production  (17% of Qld)
  • mangoes production  (14% of Qld)
  • pork production  (21% of Qld)

THIRD in Queensland for ($) share of;

  • sugar production 15.5%
  • nurseries production 10%.

Media Release courtesy of WBBROC.

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