Waste Management

Waste management is an essential service for our community.

These pages explain the wide range of disposal and recycling options available to residents, visitors and local businesses.


Waste & Recycling Facilities

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How do I access a locked waste facility?

For all enquiries regarding Council’s waste disposal facilities including how to obtain an access, please phone Council’s Environment Health Department on 1300 696 272.

What can be recycled at Council’s waste facilities?

Waste disposal and recycling options vary at each facility. To view what waste types can be disposed or recycled at each facility please view the Waste Disposal Facilities document below.

Why recycle?

Recycling is an important process which is vital to minimising the impact that we have on the environment by reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

Sort it! Load it! Recycle it!

Ensuring that products that can be recycled are recycled.

Ensure that you sort your loads into recyclable materials and general waste before taking it to Council’s waste facilities. This concept of waste separation prior to disposing at Council’s waste facilities allows the opportunity of resource recovery and recycling. Alternatively, if you have some unwanted items (e.g. old bikes etc.) why not separate these items and drop off at Council’s tip shops, located at the landfill.

Waste Collection Services

Council provides a mandatory weekly 240L refuse collection service for residents within the Defined Refuse Area. A voluntary refuse collection service is also provided to some rural residential areas within the region. All 240L refuse collection services are currently contracted to JJ Richards & Sons.

Can I receive a waste collection service?

Please contact Council’s Environmental Health Department on 1300 696 272 to determine if your property is able to receive a weekly 240L waste collection service. Please note that there will be an adjustment to your Rates Notice if you apply for a waste collection service. Fees will apply.

The current charge for a weekly 240L waste collection service is listed below:

Domestic 240L refuse service  $265.00   per year
Commercial 240L refuse service $318.00   per year

Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins remain the property of Council. The bin should not be removed from the property.

What to do on collection day

Your bin must be placed on the kerbside before 6.00am on collection day and must be correctly positioned with the lid opening facing the street. Always check that your bin is not obstructed by vehicles and overhanging trees.

  • All bins must be brought to the front of the property and the bin placed adjacent to the kerb and channel
  • Where there is no kerb and channel, the bin should be placed in a safe location as close as possible to the verge of the road and be visible to the driver
  • Bins must be not be placed on the road
  • Residential customers are encouraged to place the waste bin out the night before their collection day
  • No overhanging branch or obstructions are to be above the bin
  • No obstructions are to be within 450mm of the bin e.g. signs posts, power poles or parked cars
  • Where a group of bins is to be collected, e.g. flats, the bins should be placed at least 450mm apart

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What can’t be placed in my bin for collection?

  • Residents must NOT place hot ashes or regulated waste (e.g. asbestos) into their bin for collection.
  • Vacuum dust, grass clippings, kitty litter, Styrofoam etc. should be placed in a bag before putting these items in the waste bin, so they don’t disperse when the bin is emptied.
  • Jamming plastic wrapping, cardboard boxes, glass etc. into the base of the bin may result in the bin not emptying completely; partial emptying of the waste bin is not the Council or Contractor’s fault

The bin should not be overfilled. Bins weighing over 70kg can not be emptied by the waste collection truck.

Collection Days

Biggenden and surrounding areas – Friday
Eidsvold – Abercorn – Wednesday
Gayndah – Monday North side, and from Wharton Street (western side of town) Gooroolba and surrounds – Tuesday, from Wharton street (eastern side of town).
Monto – Wednesday – Thursday
Mount Perry – Friday
Mundubbera – Tuesday

Missed Collection

Please contact JJ Richards and Sons if your bin has been missed during collection on 1300 654 659

Wheelie Bin repairs / replacement

Damaged bins will be repaired or replaced by North Burnett Regional Council at no cost to the resident if the damage is the result of normal use. If your wheelie bin is damaged, then please contact Council on 1300 696 272 so that a request for repairs can be submitted.

Further information

If you require any further information or assistance regarding Council’s waste collection service, then please contact Council’s Environmental Health Department on 1300 696 272.

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