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Sep 5, 2016 | Front Page Feature, News

Snap Send Solve makes it easy for community members to contact council to report on any issues faster and more efficiently.

Like all great ideas, Snap Send Solve was developed from a simple thought – “wouldn’t it be great if I could report this broken swing in the park through an app”.

The result has been a robust, user focused, mobile app that takes all the thinking out of reporting to local authorities. The premise was simple: the app works out where you are, who manages incidents within that particular area and then using a users own email address sends through relevant information such as location, incident type and any related image to the correct contact.

The best part? Users didn’t have to wait in phone queues, pass on any additional personal information, and the same app can be used anywhere in Australia – no need to download an app every time you travel across the country.

Simply download the free app on your mobile device – available through the Apple app store or Google Play.

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