North Burnett 2018 Australia Day Award Recipients Announced

Feb 2, 2018 | Front Page Feature, News, Uncategorised

Residents and visitors to the North Burnett recognised the outstanding achievement and contribution of local individuals and groups throughout the region during Australia Day Celebrations hosted by North Burnett Regional Council.

“Australia Day is the perfect opportunity for residents of the North Burnett to come together to celebrate what’s great about Australia and being Australian. It’s a day to reflect on our achievements as a community and also as individuals. These awards showcase the contributions of our region’s many unsung heroes,” Mayor Rachel Chambers said.

“I would like to thank everyone who took the time to nominate an outstanding individual or event, these nominees should be proud of their achievements and their subsequent nomination. I encourage everyone to keep an eye out for potential award winners for 2019, to even be nominated is a great form of recognition. Don’t forget, Australia Day nominations can be placed year round.  It gives me great pleasure to announce the following 2018 Australia Day Award winners.” 

2018 North Burnett Regional Council Australia Day Award Recipients:


Citizen of the Year Phillip Sharps
Young Citizen of the Year Gerry Houton
Community Event of the Year Biggenden State School – 125th Anniversary & Gala Fete
Senior Sports Award Tamara Buczma
Junior Sports Award Emi Carlson
Sports Administrator Award Nicole Gibbs
Senior Cultural Award Woowoonga Hall Committee
Junior Cultural Award Biggenden Friends of Red Cross
Volunteer of the Year Award Brian Lowe


Citizen of the Year Lori and Lyle Murray
Young Citizen of the Year Toby Hamilton
Community Event of the Year Gold Rush Night – Richard Roth

Gold Rush Night  – Noel Thompson

Senior Sports Award Leah Read
Junior Sports Award Ella Fort
Sports Administrator Award Deb O’Rourke
Senior Cultural Award Laurel Bayles
Volunteer of the Year Award Rebecca Wicks


Citizen of the Year Boyd Baker
Young Citizen of the Year Zane Ratcliff
Community Event of the Year Cardigans and Cabernet
Junior Sports Award Sarah Duncan
Sports Administrator Award Gavin Berrie
Junior Cultural Award Lauren Trott
Volunteer of the Year Award Brenden Harris

Stacey Duncan


Citizen of the Year Herbert and Gladys Brown
Young Citizen of the Year Lani Pickering
Community Event of the Year Monto Sheriff’s Trivia Night
Senior Sports Award Taylah Steger
Junior Sports Award Tarah Staines
Sports Administrator Award Belinda Barnett
Senior Cultural Award Elizabeth Robertson
Junior Cultural Award Nanci Wilson
Volunteer of the Year Award Marge Myles
Local Hero Award Burnett Catchment Care Association – Melinda Clarke, Katie Muller, Kendall Muller and Naomi Purcell

North Burnett Regional Council – Jenny Voigt

 Mount Perry

Citizen of the Year Kym Cleary
Young Citizen of the Year Krystal Geddes
Community Event of the Year Evolution Mining
Senior Sports Award Clive Dingle
Junior Sports Award Zoe Wallace
Sports Administrator Award Michael Dingle
Senior Cultural Award Nigel French
Junior Cultural Award Casey Cleary
Volunteer of the Year Award Trevor Stanley


Citizen of the Year Lyn Serisier
Young Citizen of the Year Latrell Combo-Graham and Bessi Luani
Community Event of the Year Mundubbera R.L.F.C. Intrust Cup
Senior Sports Award Blake Augustine
Junior Sports Award Mundubbera State School Girls Volleyball Team
Sports Administrator Award Colleen Whelan
Senior Cultural Award Kirsty and Rick McGovern
Junior Cultural Award Donald MacGregor
Volunteer of the Year Award Barry Janke
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