Level one (1) water restrictions for Biggenden & Mt Perry

Aug 30, 2019 | Front Page Feature, News

At Council’s general meeting in Biggenden on the 28th of August 2019, the North Burnett Regional Council received a report and endorsed the recommendation to implement level one (1) water restrictions in both Biggenden and Mt Perry.

Level 1 restrictions will commence Monday, 2 September 2019.

Council’s Drought Management Plan includes trigger points where Council needs to act to ensure long-term water sustainability for our towns.  Due to the continuing dry weather, Council’s Technical Services team has noted reduced bore water levels in Biggenden and Mt Perry, which has triggered the response for water restrictions.

If water levels continue to decrease than further restrictions may apply.

“Council are closely monitoring the water situation and are calling for all residents to understand the new conditions and help conserve this precious resource” Mayor Chambers said.

Level one (1) restrictions for Biggenden and Mount Perry include:

  • Sprinkling only permitted on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday between 4pm and 7pm.
  • Attended hand held hoses or bucket watering is permitted at any time.
  • Water must not be used to clean paved areas (unless required as the result of accident, fire, health hazard or other emergency).
  • Private swimming pools or spas may only be topped up during permitted watering times.
  • Commercial market garden or plant nurseries – no restrictions on designated watering days.
  • Exemptions may apply. Individuals or businesses can apply for an exemption by completing an Exemption Request Form that is available in Councils General Policy 247 – Drought Management of Urban Water located on our website under policies. https://www.northburnett.qld.gov.au/publications/

 For further information on water restrictions please contact Council’s Technical Services team on 1300 696 272 (1300 MY NBRC) or email admin@northburnett.qld.gov.au

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