Economic Development

The North Burnett local government area (LGA) is located in Queensland, approximately four hours drive north of Brisbane and one hour west of Bundaberg.

The region encompasses six main townships – Biggenden, Eidsvold, Gayndah, Monto, Mt Perry and Mundubbera, which service around twenty-five villages and farming catchments.

The North Burnett Region covers approximately 19,700 square kilometres with the topography of the region being diverse from fertile farmland to rugged geographical formations.

The North Burnett region takes its name from the Burnett River that flows through the area. The region has an abundance of natural resources that include: water, rural farmland, mineral deposits, forests, geographical landscapes and National Parkland. Points of significant environmental interest include: Auburn, Boyne, Burnett and Nogo Rivers; Cania, Paradise and Wuruma Dam; and Auburn River, Coalstoun and Mt Walsh National Parks.

Business in the North Burnett

If you are interested in doing business in the North Burnett Region – in expanding or relocating your business – please call Neil McPhillips, North Burnett Region Futures Consultant, on 0419 706 146.

If you are an existing business operator in the North Burnett Region interested in growing or expanding your business, please call Council’s Economic Development Team on 1300 696 272.  However Council can help, we look forward to talking to you about your business.

The North Burnett Region Futures Program is an Economic & Business Development Consultancy Service for the North Burnett Regional Council.  This program utilises the North Burnett Region Economic Development Plan along with other regional economic strategies to deliver a collaborative solution for the North Burnett Regional Council.

You can find out more by obtaining a copy of the North Burnett Economic Profile Report.

The Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation was established in 1996 by Burnett local governments, community and industry activists concerned about the impact of drought on our region.

BIEDO is a ‘grassroots’, fully independent, not-for-profit organisation working to build resilience and provide support to businesses and individuals within rural communities.

BIEDO encompasses the North and South Burnett regions and Western edge of the Gympie region, delivering into rural communities, no matter how small or remote.  BIEDO works with local governments and communities to drive proactive, positive responses to change, and create opportunity from adversity focusing on finding practical solutions to the issues facing our communities. Our network and collaboration with COuncil’s local service providers and community organisations enables BIEDO to deliver effective and much-needed programs and initiatives within our region.

Download BIEDO Strategic Plan 2016-2020 for more information.

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