Tastes of Coalstoun Lakes

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Departing from Gayndah Heritage Railway at 9am and the Coalstoun Lakes Memorial Hall at 9.30am on Sunday 2nd July, the Tastes of Coalstoun Lakes tour will take you on journey through the picturesque Coalstoun Lakes Valley. On tour, you will feast on local produce, meet the farming families and hear their stories throughout the five-courses of the day.

Commencing at the Northern end of the Coalstoun Lakes valley, you will be introduced to our productive valley and greeted warmly with traditional pumpkin scones and pumpkin bread whilst enjoying a billy tea or freshly brewed coffee.

The journey will continue south stopping in at Dove’s peanut farm, who’s owner you may recognise from their infamous avocado roadside stall on the Isis Highway. Here you will taste and learn about the powerhouse of our region, the humble peanut. As well as feasting on the most delicious avocado dips and grazing platters full of local produce before continuing en route to the Biggenden Coffee Pozzee for a delicious hearty lunch.

Arriving in Biggenden, indulge yourselves in a warm sit-down two course lunch in the gardens of well-known local business ‘The Coffee Pozzee’. Be entertained by local artist and enjoy a craft beer or local wine from the travelling bar.

Your tour will end overlooking the picturesque red soil valley at Robertson’s Droughtmaster Stud ‘By-Mingo’, here you will wrap up the day by treating yourselves to locally inspired desserts, fruits and cheeses before returning to the Coalstoun Lakes Memorial Hall for your final departure.

Tickets are available online now at www.heartlandfestival.com.au

What: Taste of Coalstoun Lakes
Date: Sunday, 2nd July 2017
Time: 9.00am to 3pm approx
Location: Departing Gayndah Heritage Railway 9am and Coalstoun Lakes Memorial Hall at 9.30am
Ticket Price: $90
Max Capacity: 60
Contact: Sarah Aberdein – 0408131353 or CoalstounLakesDevelopmentGroup@gmail.com

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