Tag a Mate, Take a Break – Wellbeing for women

Bridges Health & Community Care is hosting an event on the 6 and 7 March for the women of the North Burnett region. Registrations close on 22 February 2021, so get in while you can!


The events are being hosted in Mundubbera (6 March) and Monto (7 March) are all about coming together to have fun with friends and to enjoy a relaxing day. This event is completely free for the community to attend and is being funded by the Queensland Government TRAIC initiative.

The process to register is through a registration wherein you nominate a friend who you’d like to have a day with! Please note, the application process is completely confidential. Everyone has the option to nominate their friends/colleagues to attend along with them, or just nominate their friends to enjoy the day.


Event purpose and wellness experience

To provide an opportunity for women from the North Burnett, Bridges Health & Community Care will host a series of ‘wellness from women’ events.

Bridges will host a creative day that includes movement, visual art, writing, salsa and drumming. You can find more information in the event brochure.

We want to encourage women to ‘tag a mate’ to concentrate on wellbeing in a way that’s fun an energising. Your ‘mate’ might be a friend, colleague, client or supplier, or even an acquaintance.

The events are for women from the North Burnett region who have been doing it tough due to drought, flood, fire or other adverse events. They are part of the Bridges ‘Tag a Mate, Take a Break’ program in the North Burnett region, to promote wellness and self-care in the community.

The Queensland Government funds the initiative through its ‘Tackling Adversity Through Integrated Care’ (TRAIC) program.

Bridges will provide all activities, lunch and refreshments at no cost to you. Please note that participants in an event must provide their own transport to and from the venues.

Event workshops and activities

Each women’s wellness event features workshops led by dynamic artists.

The workshops involve movement, art and story. They provide an opportunity for you to nurture your wellness through a creative process.

Time Out of Time, with Dr Margi Brown Ash

Dr Margi Brown Ash is a multi-award-winning performer, playwright, devisor, director, researcher and lecturer. Participate in joyful processes to further strengthen and develop your inner resources. Learn creative strategies for future problem-solving, empowerment and community building.

The Healing Power of Story, with Edwina Shaw

An editor, and published author, Edwina Shaw will guide you through this creative experience. Use the workshop to convey your personal story through a ‘zine’ you can take home.

Easy and Fun Salsa Dance, with Hannah Reid

You can master salsa steps in minutes with the help of Hannah Reid, a dance instructor. Let the upbeat rhythm of salsa energise you while you have fun.

Drumming Circle, with Cynthia Hoogstraten

Participate in an upbeat drumming circle. Restore your energies through movement and sound. With Cynthia Hoogstraten, drumming is easy to learn. Get ready to smile.

These events are held in Mundubbera and Monto to ensure they are central to the North Burnett region, and we would love to host you on the day!

We can be found on Facebook & LinkedIn under Bridges Health & Community Care.

Tag A Mate – Application Form

Email your completed application form to enquiries@bas.org.au

Phone 0428 301 993 for application support and enquiries, and talk to Elena.


We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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