Budget inline with 2017 – 2022 Corporate Plan

Aug 2, 2017 | Mayor's Blog

Mayor’s desk, 13 July 2017

On 5 July 2017, North Burnett Regional Council adopted its 10th Budget inline with the recently adopted 2017 -2022 Corporate Plan which will provide guidance for this term of Council. This budget has moved away from previous assumptions and will give Council a direction consistent with the newly adopted plan.

The operational plan supports the newly adopted Corporate Plan and details the activities and projects to be carried our during the 2017/18 financial year to achieve the key priority areas.

The following is a brief overview of some of the major points contained within the budget.

General Rates – North Burnett Regional Council has levied for an average 3.9% increase in residential general rates. The total change in the general rates received from 2016/17 to the 2017/18 financial years is budgeted to be 3.8%. Looking at an average residential property within our townships, the average total rise for all rates and charges for these property owners will be $105 per annum or 4.35%. This figure is different for Mt Perry due to no sewerage scheme charge and is expected to be $85.90 or 4.45%. These figures are based on a combine rate, utility and levy charges.

Landfill Management Levy – In response to community feedback, the 2016/17 financial year saw the introduction of FREE disposal of household waste for all North Burnett residents and ratepayers. To enable Council to deal with the challenges and costs of waste management a new Landfill Management Levy was introduced as part of the 2016/17 budget. In 2017/18 the Landfill Management Levy will be set at $99 per rateable property.

Animal Control – For the second financial year in a row Council has been able to find efficiencies to see no increase in animal control fees.

Kerbside Garbage Bin Collection and Disposal Charges – Waste charges now have a differentiated pricing structure with basic residential and infirmed services set at $275, and commercial and industrial set at $330 per service, consistent across the region.

Water and Sewerage – Council has adopted a water access charge levied at $585 and consumption charges of 1.76 per kilolitre for the 2017/18 financial year. The Council operates seven (7) separate water supply schemes and determines that the net cost of providing a water supply in each scheme area including operation and maintenance costs, capital costs and debt servicing costs will be fully funded by charges on those lands receiving a supply or to which a supply is deemed to be available.

Council operates five (5) sewerage systems within the region and determines an access for each parcel of land able to be connected to the schemes and an operational charge for the 1st pedestal connected to the scheme. The sewerage charges are proposed are $436 for an access charge for vacant parcel only and $574 for the operational charge for the first pedestal in residential properties only.

Roads and Drainage – The road and bridge network continues to be a major focus of Council budgets. Council will continue to utilise all external funding available for the road network as well as contributing significant funding from Council’s own source revenue.

2017/18 Capital Projects – Council has adopted a significant capital programme for the 2017/18 financial year with a total spend of $23.4 million of which $14.1 million has been sourced through external funding. A continued major area of focus is on the roads, streets and drainage with an estimated $15.3 million being spent in this asset group through internal and funded external programmes.

Council’s major focus for the coming year will move to parks and gardens and the appearance and maintenance of our towns.

2017/18 Capital Budget projects include:- Sportsground Lighting MON,GAY,MUN* – $298,300- Swimming Pool upgrades Regional – $295,000- Swimming Pool children’s area BIG* – $105,000- Sports Shed EID* – $136,500- RMWABLC Tourism Enhancement EID* – $450,000- Cyclepaths/Walkway GAY, PER* – $490,000- Footpath & kerb upgrade PER* – $300,000- Main Street Upgrade MON* – $360,000- Community Hall Air Conditioning MUN* – $220,500- Road/Street Reseal Regional – $1.35M- Roads Gravel Resheeting Regional – $1M- Deep Creek Bridge & approaches* – $4.43M – Water Mains Replacement / Upgrades Regional – $300,000- Water Pressure Upgrade GAY Nth – $200,000- Sewerage Infrastructure Upgrade BIG EID – $60,000- Sewerage Mains Rehabilitation Regional – $180,000- Disaster Management Dashboard Regional – $12,000

(*Funded with assistance by either the Australian Government, Queensland Government and NBRC, or combination)

The continuing reductions in grant opportunities, particularly the Federal Financial Assistance Grant indexation freeze have affected Council’s revenue position over the past three years. It is welcome news that this freeze has been lifted. Another significant change is the way State Government awards road works contracts with more and more work previously completed by Council is now being conducted by the department.

All residents are encouraged to drop into any of our Customer Service Centres/Libraries to view the budget and Operational Plan for themselves, alternatively, these documents can be found on Council’s website.


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