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Biggenden Streetscape Concept Plan Endorsed

Thank you to the Biggenden community who got involved and provided input into the Biggenden Streetscape Concept Design.  This is a plan for your town.

One of the key topics raised by the community was parking, with business owners and residents alike wanting to maintain parking directly outside main street shops.  A breakdown of parking spaces is provided below showing how this feedback was incorporated into the final design:

Street Currently Initial Concept Design Final Concept Design
Edward 32 22 38
Victoria 40 40 48 (+ 2 disabled access parks)


We also heard that locals wanted to maintain that “Biggenden Charm” and country feel.  This design seeks to maintain and build on that look and feel without losing it.

This design will be a platform for future works in the township of Biggenden.  All aspects of the design are not expected to be able to completed all at once and it will take time and funding to progress the project.

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