(28-03-17) Alert – Tropical Cyclone Debbie Update

Mar 28, 2017 | Cyclone Debbie, Front Page Feature, News

Public Information Announcement 2  (1430 hrs)

Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie continues to track west-southwest towards the Queensland coast and is expected to cross the central Queensland coast early this afternoon as a Category 4 system.

We are keeping our northern neighbours in our thoughts and we wish them well.

Later this week, Cyclone Debbie is predicted to turn into a low pressure system and travel inland for some distance, most likely in a south-easterly direction by Thursday.

Now is the time for North Burnett residents to be thinking about their emergency plans and to keep up to date with the weather. Our strong advice is for residents to remain calm and to ensure they have undertaken appropriate preparations and to only source information from reliable sources. The Local Disaster Management Group is receiving regular updates from BOM and the State Disaster Control Centre and information will be distributed to the community as it becomes available.

For further information including how you can ‘Get Ready’, see the following:

‘Like’ Councils Facebook page for local information.

For further information refer to Councils website, phone 1300 696 272 (1300 MY NBRC) or email admin@northburnett.qld.gov.au.

(Image) North Burnett Mayor Cr Rachel Chambers, Deputy Mayor Cr Faye Whelan and Cr Zahl review the North Burnett Regional Council Local Disaster Management Plan – Upper Burnett Catchment Area.

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