2018/19 BUDGET

$68 million invested into our region

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Budget 2018/2019


Council's budget comprises a capital budget and an operational budget. Capital project are ones which we spend money on to create a benefit into the future. These are usually hard assets (something tangible that you can see, or touch). Council also has operating projects which are ones which we must do for the day to day functioning of a local government.

This year our capital budget is $26 MILLION and our operational budget is $42 MILLION.

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Improve Accessibility
Promote Tourism
Improve Aerodromes
Improve B Double Access
Improve Flood Resilience (Betterment)
Build a Bridge
Care for our loved ones final resting place
Maintain Community Halls
Ensuring Compliance
Improve/Provide Sport and Recreation
Prepare for Disaster
Improve Drainage
Care for our Environment
Increase Residential, Commercial and Industrial Development
Keep on top of Information Technology
Improve communication and engagement with community
Improve Decision Making
Embrace Innovation
Improve Places and Open Spaces
Maintain Plant
Maintain Roads
Ensure safety
Improve Staff Amenities
War on waste
Increase Local Spend
Waste Water
Increase Indigenous Cultural Awareness
YOUth Matter
Rethinking Biosecurity