In the first few days following a disaster, financial help may be available for your immediate, unexpected needs such as temporary accommodation, food, essential clothing and medication.

The Emergent Assistance Grant is for people in disaster declared areas, who are:
- experiencing hardship as a result of the disaster, and
- unable to meet their immediate needs for accommodation, food, essential clothing or medication.

The Emergent Assistance Grant is not income or asset tested.

Subject to eligibility, applicants may receive between $180 and $900.

To apply, phone the Community Recovery Hotline on 1800 173 349.

Accommodation assistance

If your home has been damaged, or you've been displaced from your home as a result of the storm, you may be eligible for housing assistance.

Services that may be available to you include:

- emergency accommodation services -
- Structural Assistance grants for home owners -
- Essential Services Safety Reconnection Scheme Grants -

Emotional support and counselling

The stress of rebuilding after a disaster can put real strain on both your emotional and physical wellbeing. Find out more about:

- dealing with stress following a disaster -
- recognising the impact of a disaster on family relationships -
- post-disaster support and counselling -

Helpful information

Assistance for businesses -
Protect yourself when cleaning up -
Replace lost or destroyed documents -

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